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Tool & Equipment Rental

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Air Compressors
Cement Bull Float & Handles
Concrete Mill
Concrete Mixer Electric
Conduit Bender
Jackhammer 30# and 60#
Ladder 28′ Extension
Ladder 8′ Step
Level 8′ Builders
Magnet Wheeled
Measuring Wheel
Nail Gun Finish
Nail Gun Roofing
Nail Gun Utility Coil
Packer Wacker/Sand-Plate Compacter
Packer Manual Tamper
Roof Brackets/Jacks – Pair
Saw 12″ Electric Cut-off
Saw 12″ Gas Cut-off
Saw Brick
Saw Walk-behind

Sump Pump 1″ Submersible/Utility
Sump Pump 2″ Submersible
Trash Pump
Washer Pressure Electric 1000 psi
Washer Pressure Gas 2500 psi
Waterbed Pump

Carpet Cleaner w/Attachments
Carpet Fan/Dryer
Carpet Knee Kicker Seam Iron – Seam Roller Stair Tool
Carpet Stapler Electric
Carpet Trimmer
Carpet Stretcher Power
Floor Buffer/Scrubber 13″
Floor Sander Drum
Floor Sander Edger
Flooring Nail Gun Hardwood
Sheetrock Screw Gun Electric
Sheetrock Screwdriver
Sheetrock Jack/Lift
Sheetrock Stick Sander
Sprayer Paint
Texture Hopper Gun & Compressor
Tile Cutter Asphalt or Vinyl
Tile Cutter Electric Wet Saw
Tile Nipper Ceramic
Tile Roller 100 lb.
Tile Scraper Electric
Vacuum Shop Vac Wet/Dry
Wallpaper Steamer

Sewer Cleaning
Auger Toilet Trap
Auger 25″ & 50″ Drain-Hand-ManualHAN_0004-treetrimmer
Auger 50″ Drain Hand- Electric
Auger 85″ Drain Electric

Lawn & Garden
Aereator Plugger, Gas & Pull Behind
Augers 1 man (6′- 8′) & 2 man (6’- 8′- 12′) Earth-Gas
Saw 16’Chain
Edger Gas
Leaf Blower Backpack – Gas
Leaf Blower Gas
Log Splitter
Pole Saws Hand Prunner and Electric
Post Driver
Post-Hole Digger, Hand
Roller Lawn
Slit Seeder
Sod Kicker
Spreader Fertilizer
Spreader Grass-Hand
Sweeper Lawn
Thatchers Gas & Pull Behind
Tillers Mantis Front and Rear Tine
Trap Live
Trimmers Hedge Electric or Gas
Weed Burner

Drills 1/2″- 1/2″ Angle – 3/8″
Drill Hammer, 3/8″
Drill Rotary HammerHAN_0006-saw
Grinder Angle 4-1/2″ and 7-9″
Heat Gun
Miter Box Power
Sander Belt 3″ x 24″
Sander Finish Palm-Hand
Saw Jig
Saw Circular Skill

Battery Charger
Bolt Cutter
Extension Cord 50′
Fish Tape
Heater Kerosene
Hole Saw w/Arbor
Moving Cart 2-Wheel
Moving Cart Appliance
Moving Cart 4-wheel Dolly
Moving Cart Piano
PEX Crimper Tool
Ramps 8″ Aluminum-Pair
Roaster, Electric
Roof Snow Rake
Tables 6′ Banquet and Chairs
Tent 20×20 Canopy
Water Heater Element Wrench